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What can I expect from counselling?


It is important that we build a good relationship so that you feel comfortable exploring all the issues that you feel you need to. We will go at your pace, with you at the centre of the work. I will never push you to talk about anything you don't want to. Sometimes it can take time to build that trust before you can fully open up. The sessions are for you to use as you would like.


I won’t ‘advise’ or tell you what to do. You know your situation best and often you will have the answers within you, but it takes some exploration to find those answers. I will work with you to find these and will support you every step of the way.

I have never had online counselling before, how does it work?

Online counselling works in the same way as face to face counselling. I will work with you to develop the relationship which is just as effective as face to face. In fact, many clients actually prefer online counselling as it has many benefits. You can attend the session from a place that works for you. Whether it is at home where you feel comfortable, or in a meeting room at work. Working online actually helps you to build therapy into your life in a way that suits you, whether that being around work or caring commitments.



Do I need to be referred by a GP or health professional?


No you can self refer.



How frequent will the sessions be?


To give the greatest benefit, I recommend that counselling sessions are weekly, particularly in the early stages of therapy, but this can be assessed and discussed to suit your individual needs.



Can I have my session on the same day every week?


Yes. We can schedule your next visit at the end of each session or block book sessions and have your session on the same day and at the same time.



How many sessions will I need?


How long you engage in therapy for, is determined by you. I am here for you as long as you feel therapy is benefiting you. Everyone is different and depending on what your issues are will affect how long you may need to see me.

Although there is no average, I would expect anyone seeing me to come for a minimum of 6 – 12 weeks. We will review therapy after the first 6 weeks, talk about how things are going and discuss how to move forward.



Do you offer sessions during the day so I can come while my children are at school?


Yes I do have daytime slots available.



As well as adults do you work with children?


No, I work with adults only.



Can I arrange a counselling session for a friend or relative?


It’s great that you are being supportive and by all means get in touch with me to enquire about sessions, but your friend or relative needs to get in touch with me so that we can find out if they are happy to work with me.



What if I'm late for a session?


Traffic and life happens.  Sessions will always need to finish though at the allotted time as there may be other clients attending sessions.



How much will my therapy cost?


Sessions last 50 minutes and cost £55. Fees are subject to change on an annual basis. Payments should be made via bank transfer a minimum of 48 hours prior to the session. A session is only confirmed when payment is received.



Are there any cancellation fees?


If you need to cancel your session, please give me 48 hours notice. If you need to rearrange your session, please give me 48 hours notice and I will see if this is possible. 


Will everything be confidential?


Absolutely. Anything you tell me during your therapy session is completely confidential. It remains, strictly, between you and me. If, however, I am concerned for your safety or the safety of others by something you have disclosed to me I may feel a need to contact the relevant authorities or get you additional help. This is extremely rare, however if this was to happen we would discuss it at the time. Please see my confidentiality statement for further information.


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