Clear Skies Counselling

All of us experience change and loss at points in our lives which can be difficult to deal with. Sometimes it’s helpful to talk with someone outside the situation and work through what is happening.  Working with a counsellor can be a good place to do this. Counselling is a safe space where you can talk about whatever you need to without feeling judged.


I am a BACP registered integrative counsellor. This means that I use a variety of therapeutic techniques with my clients. Each person is unique and I am there to support and guide you, working through your concerns, in the best way for you. I work in a way which puts you at the centre of our work.

Areas of Counselling That I Work With

I work with clients who are feeling unhappy with their current situation and want to change the path they are on. I help clients to process difficult feelings to work out.

I work with a variety of different issues but I specialise in anxiety, self esteem and loss:

Anxieties – What lies beneath the anxiety? Sometimes its hard for people to move forward whilst not understanding the root of their anxiety. This could be down to childhood, traumatic events, relationship issues and loss. I help to untangle the range of emotions that clients are experiencing and process each one. Once a client has worked out the root of the anxiety, we can then decide on a goal to deal with that anxiety.

Self-esteem – often we don’t feel like we are good enough. We may have been told that we have to ‘be’ a certain way, whether from the media, families, school or partners. Sometimes we learn that who we are isn’t ‘good enough’. It can be tiring to not be our true selves. Sometimes we can feel embarrassed and ashamed. When people point out our positives, we don’t believe them. Why? Because we don’t believe it ourselves. I work with clients to help them understand and see their ‘true selves’. I help clients to accept who they really are, that they are human and that they are good enough.

Loss – many believe that loss is related to bereavement. A loved one dying. This is of course a loss. But loss comes in a variety of forms. The loss of a relationship or a job. But actually, loss is in all aspects of our lives and actually can be the loss of an identity. Children leaving home means the loss of the role of a parent; a health diagnosis can be the loss of what you once were able to do; people often see themselves as their work such as a nurse, or an accountant. Retirement can also feel like a loss. I support clients through all different forms of loss. I sit with them as they explore all of their feelings. I provide that safe space for clients to explore all of their feelings and process that sense of loss. Accepting that loss then enables clients to recognise what their identity is moving forwards and that there can be a new, positive time for them ahead.

I also work within  the following areas:

  • Emotional issues such as anger, anxiety, low self confidence, low self esteem, loneliness, stress and suicidal thoughts.


  • Relationship issues such as bereavement, bullying, domestic violence, emotional abuse, family issues, physical abuse, separation and divorce.

  • Health issues such as health anxiety, post natal depression, pregnancy and birth, carer support and young carers support.

  • Work related issues such as workplace bullying, disability discrimination, work related stress and redundancy.

  • Trauma such as sexual abuse, injury, assults and witnessing physical vioelnce. 

  • I can also work with issues around sexuality and gender.